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Meet The Founder

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Beck DeTrempe

Founder & Director 

Beck DeTrempe (they/them) is a queer non-binary disabled + neurodivergent person based in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Beck founded Basically Wonderful in 2021 after noticing a lack of accessible and intersectional spaces. They hope to continue to create more welcoming spaces and offerings that benefit their disabled & queer peers.

Beck is currently the co-facilitator for

Disability (Is Not a Bad Word), Disabled Babes Book Club, and If You Give a Trans Person a Book Club. 

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Meet our Friends

The People Who Have Our Backs


Bea Green

Project Manager

Bea Green is a queer, neurodivergent person living in the Orlando, FL area. Bea is a recent graduate of Valencia College. They are passionate about creating spaces for marginalized communities. Bea is hoping to help create impactful events that bring the community together.

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Caroline Pittman

Co-Facilitator of Disability (Is Not a Bad Word)

I’m Caroline (they/she), a 24 year old, non-binary, multiracial individual. I have lived experience with mental illness/neurodivergence. I have a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida. I am recently certified as a Certified Recovery Peer Specialist in the state of Florida. In my personal time, I enjoy creating art, creative writing, reading, listening to music, thrift shopping, learning about spirituality/astrology, being in nature, and partaking in mindful movement (aerial yoga and Lyra).

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Co-Facilitator of the Virtual Social Meetups
& Volunteer

Hello, I’m detty (they/them)! I’m a black, autistic, non-binary & mentally ill artist, poet, mental health advocate, and cancer survivor based in South Florida. I work as a full-time peer supporter, group facilitator,  and multimedia artist; writing, drawing, painting, and crafting are all my jam. I co-facilitate the Virtual Social Meetups, as well as volunteer with Basically Wonderful!

As someone who is disabled and immunocompromised, I am passionate about creating fun & cozy digital spaces on the internet. Through art, supporting others, and radical kindness, I am committed to using my lived experience as a means of liberation, self-expression, and fighting mental health stigma, all while advocating for those whose voices are rarely uplifted.

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Alex Candage

Co-Facilitator of Disabled Babes Book Club

Hi! My name is Alex, I use ze/zir/zirs pronouns, and I’m passionate about creating affirming representation and inclusive spaces. Part of this includes intersectional, abolitionist, anti-capitalist activism. I have a love for reading, writing, art, music, and my cats! Some of my identities include being white, nonbinary, demisexual, queer, polyamorous, spiritual, disabled, mad, a survivor of abuse, and a babe with mobility aids 🦼. My passion for inclusive storytelling motivated me to earn a bachelor’s degree in English and become editor-in-chief of three college publications. Also, I’ve been a part of many queer and disability inclusivity initiatives, like Access Pride Coalition. But as my mental and physical symptoms worsen, I’ve had to find more accessible ways to engage with my passions. That’s why I’m so excited to be a part of this disability-centered book club!

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Nicole Torres

Co-Facilitator of If You Give a Trans Person a Book Club

Nicole Torres (she/they) is the co-facilitator for the If You Give a Trans Person a Book Club. They're also a part-time student in computer science. In their spare time, they like to write about media representation in their favorite geeky spaces such as (but not limited to) anime, TV shows, and video games.


Yasmin Flasterstein & Dandelion Hill

Co-Directors, Peer Support Space

Peer Support Space is a grassroots organization that has been a beacon of support ever since Bell and Yasmin met at the very first Basically Wonderful Showcase in 2019. We are eternally grateful for both Yasmin (she/her) and Dandelion (they/them, ze/zir), and their continued support and partnership in all of our endeavors.

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Yesenia Benitez

Graphic Designer

Yesenia Benitez (she/her) is an extremely talented artist and graphic designer. She has been a supportive friend and ally of Basically Wonderful since day one, and has since been a featured artist in the first Basically Wonderful Showcase in 2019 and was hired to design the logo and other graphics for us. We look forward to continuing to work with her and are so grateful to have her as a friend.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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