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Our Mission

Basically Wonderful aims to create accessible peer-led spaces that are welcoming to Queer Trans and Disabled communities. 

Basically Wonderful is a grassroots organization run by Queer + Disabled folks in Orlando, Florida, USA. Our hope is to create peer-led spaces for marginalized communities where folks are free to express themselves and build friendships with peers who have similar lived experiences. We are creating intentional spaces for both Disabled & LGBTQIA+ folks to commune and thrive in identity-driven spaces.



We are passionate about creating community spaces that give folks the chance to build meaningful connections with their peers. We want to bring folks together to give them a chance to have fun, build friendships, and share space with each other.



As a trans and queer-led organization, we put an emphasis on creating welcoming spaces for all LGBTQIA+ folks. We currently offer a peer-led book club for trans folks, and hope to continue to expand and provide more queer-centric offerings.

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Our goal is to make our spaces as intentionally accessible as we can for our disabled and neurodivergent friends. We acknowledge that accessibility is an ongoing need that can always be improved upon. If you have any accessibility needs you would like to uplift, please reach out to us. Everyone deserves proper access.

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As we create groups for many marginalized communities, we want to acknowledge that everyone’s individual lived experience is unique and valuable. We welcome and respect any and all intersecting identities that come into our spaces, including any gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, religion, abilities, age, and more.

Mission: Programs

If you'd like to support our mission, please click the button below to donate:

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